Heather and Tommy | Married

I can’t say enough nice things about this couple. Heather and Tommy are clearly gorgeous on the outside, but they are two of the most kind-hearted people I have met to boot. They decided to do things a little differently in terms of a typical wedding party. I remember meeting with Heather at a coffee shop when she told me she and tommy weren’t going to have bridesmaids or groomsmen, not because they didn’t have a plethora of important people in their lives, but because they wanted to do everything they could to make this day purely about their marriage. It was a quiet and steady morning preparing for the day without the bustle that usually comes with a big wedding party. I bounced between Heather and Tommy, listening to the sweetest pre-ceremony love letters, pinning boutonnieres on jackets and flowers in hair, and feeling their anticipation to see the other. Tommy said to me, “You may not answer this, but how does she look?” I told him he already knew the answer to that—incredible.

After I posted a sneak peak of this wedding, I already had people tell me they wanted to know where it was and if they could get married under that beautiful arbor. Heather’s dad actually built it specifically for her to get married under and the ceremony was held on her families land surrounded by fields and yellow wildflowers and plenty of loving family and friends. It was one of those days that called for certain rain (i’ve felt like a broken record saying this this year..), and we could see the dark sky inching towards us throughout the day. It actually lead to one of my favorite and most cinematic wedding moments that was felt and heard more than captured on camera. There wasn’t a drop of rain through the ceremony or portraits afterward, but the literal second that they walked into the tent to be introduced as husband and wife to their guests, it began to pour. The downfall was so heavy that it thundered against the tent and fell harder and louder as their first dance went on (movie moment) causing their guests to cheer and a wall of water to form from the runoff of the tent.  There are always moments I remember from every wedding, and that one will stick with me.

Heather and Tommy, I pray God blesses your marriage and the many years ahead of you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day and get to know you and your sweet families better in the process. I hope these images serve you for years to come!
















Venue: Private land. Dress: Ashley Grace Bridal. Florals: Foraged and Cut.  Make-up: In Your Face Make-up Artistry. Catering: Tim Beverly. Cupcakes: Jaqui Wilson. Invitations: Etsy.Second Shooter: Amber Stinnett. DJ: Prestige Worldwide Productions. Videography: TP Team Productions.










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