Katalin & Douglas | Married

Katalin and Doug got married this past September on the Jenkins Family Farm – the same land that we did their engagement session on months before. The most unique thing about this wedding is that Katalin and her family did it all, and I mean ALL. From customizing her dress to the decor to the food and setting up every little detail, they pretty much did it all by themselves. Thankfully for me, taking pictures on your wedding day can’t be done by the bride herself, otherwise I think she would have done that too!

An amazing amount of time, creativity, and dedication went into putting together their country wedding exactly like they imaged it, and though being a party of the wedding industry I have come across many florists, dress designers, and coordinators but there is something to be said about a bride and family who did it all on their own. Katalin’s bouquet was made from a collection of family broaches. Her hairpiece/veil was made from a childhood baton twirling costume. Her dress was re-imagined and customized by her mother. The altar was designed and built by Katalin. I could go on!

The weather station was threatening rain all day, but the family prayed and hoped it would hold off through the ceremony and it did! Katalin and Douglas cried and laughed their way through their handwritten vows. We could see the storm coming over the trees, but not a drop fell until 8pm. The entire reception was set to take place outdoors with no back-up venue, but then everyone’s phone lit up with a flash flood warning around 7:45pm and within minutes everyone teamed up to clear out the garage where the food was set up and had been served to move everything and everyone inside so that dancing could still happen. It began to POUR, but the DJ and guests were committed to finishing out the night with music and dancing and that is what happened! At the end of the day, these two southern love birds were married and had the country wedding of their dreams!

Congratulations Katalin & Douglas! It was a joy to spend this day with you and your families.

Venue: Jenkins Family Farm.

Dress: Church Street Bridal (redesigned by Mrs. Jenkins).

Bridesmaids Dresses: Altr’d State.

Second Shooter:

DJ: Barry & Danielle Tosh.

Cake: Keri’s Kreations.


  1. Annette Jenkins says:

    Thank you so much for capturing the wedding in such a beautiful way! We enjoyed every minute together preparing for Katalin and Douglas’ special day!

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