Laura & Nate | Engaged

When I started working for Apple, Inc. when I lived in Nashville, TN, it wasn’t long before I met the little spitfire that is Laura Delcambre. I remember loving coming to work and seeing Laura because she always greeted me in the kindest ways – typically with some super flattering compliment (who wouldn’t love that?). She was always 100% herself at all times and you knew if something was coming out of her mouth, she meant it. She always had a way of brightening the work day for me. I went through some difficult life moments while working there, and she and I holed up in the Genius Room (the little room in the back where they fix your iPhones) one day and she talked with me through a pretty rough season in my life. I was so grateful to have people while I was miles away from people who really knew me to invest in conversation with me that way. Nate Davenport was another –quieter– Apple acquaintance of mine. He worked behind the Genius Bar and was one of the many tall bearded guys who could answer any mac question I had, and a fellow musician running around the Nashville scene.

I’ve seen many lifelong relationships form in the Apple community, and Laura and Nate are one of them. 3 years after my time at Apple was done, and after they have moved on in their work careers as well, Laura reached out to me soon after their engagement with 100% confidence in me to shoot their wedding. Another excuse to run off to Nashville? Yes, please! Hundreds of miles and several years late, the connections I made through Apple are still playing out–thanks Steve Jobs!

Laura, Nate, and I met in Centennial Park–not only a beautiful must see spot in Nashville, but also a place of significance for their relationship. I had never experienced them as a couple, and it was so refreshing to see them again and see them together! Joy. Love. Kindness. Warmth. Generosity. Fun. All great things to see between two people who are about to embark on a lifetime together. This shoot was so so lovely. Laura had NEVER had a professional photoshoot done before, but you would never ever know, am I right? Also, puppies. There were a large number of puppies in the park that day and Laura gave her best “I want this one” face.

I am so excited to shoot their October wedding for many reasons! Nashville–duh. I love reconnecting with people who you thought may only appear in one chapter of your life. It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL (I mean look at what we’ve done already?!)

Thank you, Laura & Nate, for trusting me with this amazing time in your life! Come on, October!

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